Image Integration by Medigen Suite offers an innovative and intuitive solution to seamlessly connect clinical sites and core labs, no matter where they are.

Thanks to our Google Cloud Platform, you can rely on a top speed tool for a rapid and secure image transfer.

All images are pseudonymized, thanks to our high-tech IT Security and Data Protection management System which has ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security management.

Moreover, with our innovative “advanced anonymizer” you will be able to delete patient’s data within the pixels.

Manage your multi center trials and acquire images from different sites within a regulatory compliant process in accordance with GDPR regulation and is HIPAA standard.

Our geo-localized data centers in the US, ASIA and EU allow you to store and download images taking advantage of the most favorable connection, depending on the user’s location.

Save time and costs for your clinical trial operations by increasing your quality control and avoiding errors from manual data entry. Image Integration provides real-time visibility to the sponsor, CRO and core lab at every step.

Image integration will allow you to dramatically reduce queries and transform a manual process into a smart and guided system which supports you along the way.